CCRW Program

Welcome to the CCRW Career Management Portal!

Are you a CCRW job seeker?
If you are a CCRW job seeker and you are looking for access to this portal, please contact the CCRW staff person you are connected with for service.

Are you a job seeker with a disability but not connected with CCRW?
If you found this portal through our website and you want to learn more about our tools and services, please visit our Employment Services page to learn about our programs for job seekers or contact us for more information.

What is CCRW? Employment!

  • We help persons with disabilities find a job or career.
  • We help employers hire persons with disabilities.
  • We help employers support employees with disabilities.

The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work’s (CCRW) mission is to promote and support meaningful and equitable employment of people with disabilities. As a National organization, we support job seekers in accessing the tools required to find meaningful employment through a number of program and services across Canada. We also support employers in accessing qualified talent, while providing education, training and resources to support businesses in building Disability Confidence.

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